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Readers and Practioners

Our Readers

Sierra offers multi- dimensional readings/ healing

Tuedays 2-6 pm

Sierra has been a medium for multi- dimensional healing throughout her life. Beginning with a career as a massage therapist at 16, she was able to tap into medical information, and how it informed her clients spiritual, mental and emotional well being. Now, with 20+ years experience, she is able to simply 'see' what you are holding on it, and how it serves you. With careful compassion and assistance from many guides and intelligence, she works with you to build the life and experiences that offer you the most freedom and mobility. She holds a degree in Mediation and Positive Communication, with a double minor in Religions Studies and Alternative Medicine from Prescott College. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor with 400 hours of training. She also holds her California Teaching Credential, and taught kindergarten for many years, as well as Montessori certified. She is also a Usui Reiki Master teacher, who offers trainings in all Reiki Levels, and loves working with the Master Energy. Lastly, she is slowly completing a course in Herbalism, and is currently a home herbalist, supporting her families health without synthetic medicine. Reading are at a minimum 30 minutes for $50 , and a reading with energy work is typically 75 minutes for $100. More information can be found at www.sierrapodva.com, or you can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ sierrapodvaew/


'Only energy for our highest healing and greatest good can occur!'

(916)860-9835 (texting okay)




Now Offering Astrology Readings and Consultations
With Astrologer Ron Shroyer

Shed light on Relationships, Career Paths, Health and Your Life Purpose based on the Unique Patterns of Celestial Bodies at the Moment of your Birth
Personal Horoscopes and Charts for all Occasions
Your Personal Astrology Charts are $5.00 each
Your Personal Astrology Reports start at $15.00
Astrology Consultations and Readings start at $30.00
Your Personal Astrology Reports and Consultations are Tailored to Your Needs.
In Every Department of Life and Concern an Astrology Reading will provide Timely Information about Your Optimum Potentials.

Astrologer Ron Shroyer has been providing instruction and offering guidance and consultations with Astrology since 1998. He has studied AstroPsychology with GlennPerry, PhD., Western and Vedic Astrology, with James Braha, the Moons Nodes with Jan Spiller, and everything else with mentor Jackie Moore, Astrologer, Psychic and owner of the Eye of the Vortex bookstore in Sedona, Arizona. Ron has a lending library of 400 Astrology books he makes available to serious students and scholars. Ron is an Herbalist and Professional Photographer. He has studied the Edgar Cayce Readings since 1975 and the Course In Miracles since 1978. Ron practices Hatha Yoga and continues daily exploration into Native American and Buddhist Wisdom.

Call for an appt 916-973-9983


I would like to introduce Mirabai who is now here at Positive Practice every other  Friday from 12-4, and ever other Saturday 11-3.  
MIrabai Butler is a skilled life coach and spiritual advisor. She enjoys sharing her expertise to help people through the day to day challenges. As an accomplished psychic, medium and clairvoyant she has been practicing for 36 years. People instantly can tap into her talents for answers and insight. She is a Cartouche Specialist who uses the ancient oracles of Cartouche as tools in her practice. She also brings her skills as a trained Crisis Counselor and journalist to the table. All are welcome to come experience a session with Mirabai and leave with a deeper sense of solutions, goals and sense of self.


About the practitoners

Kerry Jehanne:

I am a practitioner of transformational wellness modalities with a deep passion for my work and tender compassion for my clients. I help individuals and groups experience a vibrational shift towards a healthier and more harmonious state of being by applying various innovative methods that promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness as well as spiritual integration. 


I use a wonderful new consciousness technology called Multidimensional Transformation. This modality is guided and supported by many other ­dimensional beings that assist humanity in frequency ascension. Multidimensional Transformation is a system of healing that operates at the level of consciousness, where everything is viewed as information and vibrational frequencies that are interconnected by and are coherently organized within a unified field. Our intentional alignment with this field allows us to facilitate the restorative shifts necessary for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as well as environmental harmony. This extraordinary technology is a powerful support for personal and planetary healing. Multidimensional Transformation is a vibrational key to unlock your own gifts, to recognize your true purpose, and to bring your potential into action.


(916) 704-0412     




Erin our featured esthetician

Erin Dimond began doing wedding and glamor makeup 15 years ago. Training in special effects, high fashion and theatre expanded her passion for not only makeup but to find out more about the canvas her art was displayed on. In 2011 Erin received her Esthetics license and began working full time in the skin care field. Being a makeup artist and skin care therapist has given her a wonderful sense of relation and education opportunities for her clients. Having a heavy background in makeup for stage, screen, print and runway gave Erin a curiosity for all skin types and problems. Acne and fine line correction have been the main focus of her skin education. Make an appointment today and let Erin start working with you to create a customized skin plan.

Erin Dimond Offerings

Skin care
Facial (45 minutes)
Enjoy a moment of therapy and luxury with a fully customized facial. Start with an ozone enhanced stream accompanying multi-layered cleansing. A skin analysis and customized exfoliation prep the skin for an extraction session. Wrapping your treatment up with a mask and personal pore tightening session to keep your skin looking its absolute best. $35

Backcial (30 minutes)
A purifying and relaxing back treatment focused on blemished reduction. While under a hydrating pore relaxing steam; your back is deep cleansed, exfoliated and receives an in-depth extraction session. Following the steam a clarifying mask and deep hydrating gel based moisturizer are added with a mini massage. $35

High frequency Treatments (25 minutes)
Quick double cleanse with an enzyme exfoliation all under a clarifying enhanced steam prep the skin for a extraction session followed by high frequency Clarifying mask and a light spf enhanced moisturizer leave the skin protected for the day. $30 or 4 sessions for $100

Body scrubs
Caffeine Dip 
A gentle milk bath begins this invigorating treatment. Once the skin is cleansed a sugar scrub with course coffee grounds are applied to in a circular direction to stimulate collagen production, give a mild tightening effect and begin breaking down cellulite and fat deposits. The cold brew rinse and caffeinated lotion finish this session and leave your skin soft and perky.

Purity Scrub
Detoxify and revitalize your back and shoulders with this mineral back wrap. Using volcanic mud and Dead Sea salt to purge your system of toxins and remove the dead skin that can clog your pores and may cause acne or ingrown hair problems. A final polish and you leave with skin glowing and ready to show off.

(30 – 90 minutes) Full body (arms, legs and back) $80 Legs only (upper thigh and down) $45 Arms only $30

**All times listed are approximate**

**All listed prices are starting amounts and could go up depending on hair amount, length and texture.**

Legs Full $45
Half $30 (includes knees and toes)
Under Arms $15

Eyebrows $15
** Arching and Contouring $25
Upper Lip $15
Chin/Jaw line: $20