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Siren Song

Sirens song:


“I have loved the ocean my entire life. It is where I find peace and serenity. I grew up on the beautiful coast of California. I am so pleased and humbled that I am able to share my knowledge and handcrafted items with you! I have worked really hard and researched many hours for years to bring this line of magick from my home to yours”


"With my handcrafted oils, you can expect the finest ingredients, the best results and impeccable value. Everything contained in my products is the highest quality organic ingredients I can buy. I triple reference each botanical in my work to insure my information is correct."


"Each bottle is cleansed, filled with all the love and goodies, and charged for maximum effectiveness. It has taken me years to create, test, and share these oils with you."


"The smudge bundles and jars I create are hand-gathered, dried, and packaged by me. All of the sage is from South Lake Tahoe and gathered with the utmost respect. It is why there is only a few bundles and jars at a time. I never take more than Mother Nature allows."


"Some of my items are one of a kind, or in very limited quantity. I love things that are unique. I feel it makes it more special when here isn’t a million of something. So if you fall in love with an item, treat yourself!"

Again, thank you !