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Vibes up:

Vibrational Energy- The final frontier in Fun, Simple and ‘Scientifically Magical’ Life Solutions for …

EMF- Pets- Athletes- G’mas- Bugs- Kids- Stress- Skin- Purpose Jewelry- Water- Ouches- Sleep & much more!


Earth nurtured-divine soles

“Real Earth” therapy shoe inserts

Rubber soled shoes are not conductors of energy cutting us off from vital nurturing earth energies.

Having feet connected to nature balances and opens your energy centers bringing strength, protection, creativity, healing, and awareness.


Scientifically Bio-resonance tested shown to:

Protect the human energy field supply the body with earth energies, protect the psyche (emotional well-being) clear energy blockages, open and balance the chakras, increase the circulation , clear blockages in the meridians, release toxic energy (physical and emotional) may shift pain, stress, balance and hormones, spine, courage, awareness and sense of worth.



Current VibesUP Vibrational Energies available:

Allergy Relief

Courage- Confidence & Fear Releasing

Metabolism boost

Passion- Libido Enhancement Formula


Forever Young -Anti Aging formula

Relief From Stress (Peace and Calm)

Abundance and Prosperity

Health and Wellness

Energy and Motivation

Joy and Inspiration

Will Power

Protection from Negativity

Relief from Pain



Relief from Depression